Muscle Mass and Aging

Colleen Juarez November 11, 2019 Exercise, Food & Nutrition, Health, Mind & Body, outdoors

As I get older I’ve noticed that my muscles are less taut than they used to be. I exercise everyday but I don’t get the same results I used to. Even though I know that muscle mass(lean muscle)changes beginning at the age of 40 for women I truly believed that I was doing a good […]

Healthy for Life….Ramona’s Story

Colleen Juarez August 18, 2019 Exercise, Food & Nutrition, Health, Mind & Body, outdoors

I believe being healthy doesn’t mean what size you are, the way you look or even something you do for others. I believe its how we feel about ourselves a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. When you feel good about yourself and who you are, you carry yourself with a sense of […]

Our Bodies Were Made to MOVE

Colleen Juarez July 15, 2019 Exercise, Health, Mind & Body, outdoors

I recently returned from my annual backpacking trip. The majestic beauty of the pine forest,  flowing rivers and streams always replenishes my soul and rejuvenates my spirit. I love backpacking, but after 4 days of carrying a 25 pound pack along steep cliffs and rushing waterways my body starts to complain. I feel energized after […]

Learning Something New Can Empower You-Jennifers Story

Colleen Juarez April 14, 2019 Exercise, Health, Mind & Body

December 2018. I was feeling stuck. Successfully running my own gardening business, but feeling burned out and desperate to jump into the fitness industry and explore my passion. I was teaching a few group fitness classes and lucky to have less than a handful of incredible personal training clients. I was studying at home to […]

Improving Your Eye Site Naturally

Colleen Juarez March 24, 2019 Exercise, Health, Mind & Body

The health benefits of yoga are well-established but, many people know less about yoga’s benefits for eye health. Between standard poses that enhance eye health and specialized moves especially for your eyes, yoga can help you cut down on eye strain and enjoy better vision and eye comfort. About 70% of adults suffer from eye […]

The Art of Balance

Colleen Juarez February 25, 2019 Exercise, Health, Mind & Body

As we age…balance becomes more important than ever before. Maintaining strong muscles and flexible joints help to maintain our center of gravity and good reaction time. Most of us don’t realize that balance also involves our sensory and motor systems. These systems include vision (for direction and motion), the vestibular system in the inner ear […]

Changes for the New You in 2019

Colleen Juarez January 7, 2019 Exercise, Food & Nutrition, Health, Mind & Body

When people set New Years Resolutions, most have great intentions but all to often many of us run into roadblocks and eventually fall off the wagon. Soon the motivation fades and many of us never accomplish our goal. Sometimes it takes many attempts before something clicks and you figure out how to make those changes […]

How to Give CPR to Yourself

Colleen Juarez December 9, 2018 Exercise, Food & Nutrition, Health, Mind & Body

These days there are many of us who live alone and are not close to any relatives.Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were alone and you suddenly began to have heart attack symptoms? What would you do? Who would you call? Most people know to call 911 if they experience severe […]

Fall Into Healthy Eating Habits

Colleen Juarez September 9, 2018 Exercise, Food & Nutrition, Health, Mind & Body, outdoors

It’s coming into that time of year when the days are getting shorter and cooler. Fall is a beautiful time of year but with the shorter days and cooler weather something else happens as well–we start eating more. I know for myself the cooler weather means I have a harder time staying motivated to get […]