Outdoor Fun

Colleen Juarez June 26, 2017 Exercise

I recently traveled to Alaska and if you know me sitting still for long periods of time makes me a grumpy traveler. If you are living an active lifestyle that includes daily exercise like I do, you’ll find that traveling also makes your workout time a bit challenging. Yes, I had to plan ahead, and […]

Grow Your Garden Pain Free

Colleen Juarez June 12, 2017 Exercise

This week-end I finally had the time and energy to tackle my outdoor gardening projects., I started my Saturday morning by heading out of the house, eager to get busy digging, planting, weeding, and taking all the other steps to getting my garden flowering. All day I kept at it, standing, stooping, leaning, kneeling, and […]

Is HIIT Good for Every Body?

Colleen Juarez May 22, 2017 Exercise

I’ve just finished teaching my second bootcamp session of the season and it got me thinking about how many of us approach these high intensity workout sessions with an all or nothing kind of attitude. With the popularity of Tabata, Crossfit, HIIT and Bootcamps many people have decided that this is the best and only […]

The Importance of Learning New Things

Colleen Juarez April 23, 2017 Health

The effect on my life that learning has, even the very basics of a new skill, is astounding. This week-end I attended my niece’s college graduation reminding me that learning something new does not end after college. In my 40’s I was working in a dental office realizing that this gig would be ending when […]