Healthy Habits to Live By

Colleen Juarez March 6, 2018 Exercise, Food & Nutrition, Health, Mind & Body, outdoors

There is always advice about how to live a healthy life yet, some habits you and I have might actually be working against us—things like late weekend night meals and ignoring that Broccolini recipe we keep saying we will try. They may seem harmless, but a few not so great habits over time really do add up… adding years to our face, figure, heart and more. If staying young is part of your plan, perhaps it’s time to identify and eliminate habits that age you, after all there is no sense in rushing the inevitable. We can do this by taking a step back, simplifying, and listening to our bodies. I believe starting with healthy habits can actually be the beginning of change and creating new healthy habits which eventually lead to a healthier life.

Stay active. Only a few lifestyle choices have as much impact on your health as staying physically active. Age, ethnicity, shape and size do not matter. The consistency of daily activity (at least 150 minutes per week) can lower your risk for disease, depression, weight gain and osteoporosis. By exercising outdoors you get an additional dose of vitamin D which not only strengthens your bones but helps to boost your mood and immune system. Outdoor time gives us reflection time, appreciation for our environment and if your walking with a friend free therapy sessions.

Sleep more… Sleep has got to be one of your top priorities. If you’re serious about getting healthier and losing a little weight, skip the late night television it will make those morning workouts a lot more bearable. By controlling how much time you spend watching TV or on your computer the more your quality of life improves. Social media can make us a bit crazy by overstimulating us as well as keeping us from getting to bed at a decent hour.

Nourish your body. Begin with eating a good breakfast. Eating breakfast breaks up the overnight fasting period replenishing your supply of glucose and provides other essential nutrients which keep your energy levels up throughout the day. By making better food choices we can allow ourselves to actually enjoy good food. By being aware of what we are eating we can enjoy everything in moderation and by cooking at home and shopping at local farmers markets we can control what goes into the food prep creating well balanced meals which are crucial to optimal health. If your not sure how to go about making better choices my plate at: can give you some good beginning ideas. A good nutrition calculator like my fitness pal or my plate calorie counter can help you with managing your nutritional intake.

Drink plenty of water. Drink 64-100 ounces of water a day and start as soon you wake up. Drinking water first thing in the morning helps cleanse your digestive system and prepare it for the day. Spread your total consumption throughout the day. And yes initially you may be making more potty runs than you are used to until your system adjusts to the increase in water intake.

“Change might not be fast and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped” says, Charles Duhigg the author of The Power of Habit.

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