Improving Your Eye Site Naturally

Colleen Juarez March 24, 2019 Exercise, Health, Mind & Body

The health benefits of yoga are well-established but, many people know less about yoga’s benefits for eye health. Between standard poses that enhance eye health and specialized moves especially for your eyes, yoga can help you cut down on eye strain and enjoy better vision and eye comfort.

About 70% of adults suffer from eye strain at one time or another. Many age-related vision problems stem from a gradual loss of flexibility and tone in the eye muscles, which get locked into habitual patterns and lose their ability to focus at different distances.

Around the age of 50 I was diagnosed with ocular hypertension. I have also been diagnosed with myopia (near sightedness) and astigmatism. To help with the hypertension I was prescribed eye drops to reduce the pressure. I was informed I would be administering these drops for the rest of my life. Because I always prefer to take care of my body naturally I was not happy with the idea of using drops to remedy my condition. After some research I found information about eye health and a well known ophthalmologist William H. Bates. Bates claimed he could improve visual perception with palming, eyeball rotations, and vision shifting—the same Sivananda exercises I had casually practiced for years.
The late physician swami Sivananda considered sight the most abused of our five senses. He believed that one could remedy eye issues with some basic Yoga practices.
He began with Yoga Asanas, described as an extensive series of eye exercises and after reading numerous affirmations from those who practiced the Bates Method I decided to start dedicating part of my day to these exercises. Some of these exercises are the same as we practice in Yoga.

Many months later after daily dedication to these  and some  exercises I have indeed lowered the pressure in my eyes, improved my vision and have completely eliminated astigmatism in one of my eyes. I truly believe that it is important to remember that the health of your eyes is ultimately in your hands!

Blog by:Kristina Kangas

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