Services & Rates

Circuit Training

Body conditioning or resistance training that is fast paced, focused on building strength and muscular endurance through a sequence of exercises or circuits. Limited to smaller group classes.

$25 2-3 persons or $20 4-5 persons

Boot Camp

Our boot camp work outs are much like other circuit training. You move quickly from one exercise to another, keeping your heart rate elevated and scorching tons of calories.

$12 per session

Personal Training

By appointment, one-on-one individual programs designed for the individual client to meet their goal. Strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, or weight loss.

$55 hour
$30 1/2 hour

Gentle Yoga

My intention is to enhance your experience of yoga, creating harmony between body, mind and breath. To increase strength, improve flexibility and focus. Increase lung capacity and breathing quality.

$15 per session or purchase 8 classes for $80

Hatha Yoga

A slower movement class that requires postures to be held for short periods of time. Classes focus on releasing tension and connecting the body with breath through Flow poses as well.

$15 per session


A movement oriented class. The goal is to restore function through balance, stretching, and strength exercises improving balance, reducing pain, increasing flexibility and mobility.

$15 per session


Jenn takes you through a full body workout while focusing on stabilizing the core using bands, body bars, weights and the ball.
Pilates is a mat class. Many variations of planking as well as lots of lower body toning. A great class for all levels!

$10 per session

Stretch & Tone

An energetic hour of stretches, light weight work and balance.

$8 session
$50 month

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