Services & Rates

Circuit Training

Body conditioning or resistance training that is fast paced, focused on building strength and muscular endurance through a sequence of exercises or circuits. Limited to smaller group classes.

$25 2-3 people or $22.50 4-5 people


Our Bootcamp workouts are much like other circuit training. moving constantly keeping your heart rate elevated and scorching tons of calories.

$12 per hour or $110 for pre purchases 10 class punch card

Personal Training

By appointment, one-on-one individual programs designed for the individual client to meet their goal. Strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, or weight loss.

$60 hour or $32.50 1/2 hour

Yoga - Yin - Gentle

The intention is to enhance your experience of yoga, creating harmony between body, mind and breath. To increase strength, improve flexibility and focus. Increase lung capacity and breathing quality.

$15 per session or $110 for pre purchases 10 class punch card

Hatha Yoga

Not offered at this time

$15 per session


A movement oriented class. The goal is to restore function through balance, stretching, and strength exercises improving balance, reducing pain, increasing flexibility and mobility.

$15 per session


Jenn takes you through a full body workout while focusing on stabilizing the core using bands, body bars, weights and the ball.

$12 per hour or $110 for pre purchases 10 class punch card

Stretch & Tone

An energetic hour of stretching, light weight work and balance.

$10 session or $75 month

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