What’s Holding You Hostage?

Colleen Juarez July 24, 2017 Exercise, Health, Mind & Body

Could it be self sabotage? If it is why do we do it to ourselves over and over again? We go to the gym or exercise class then when we get home we binge on cupcakes, pizza or fried foods. We tell ourselves we will walk three miles every day and then make excuses why we didn’t walk each day. We set goals then proceed to do everything possible to not achieve that goal.
Generally we sabotage ourselves when we are running away from negative feelings. It’s a way of confirming those negative thoughts and patterns about ourselves. Self worth and shame are two of the feeling that are associated with these behaviors. Much of this behavior is automatic a learned behavior that may have started when we were young. However once you become aware, I believe you can begin to adjust not only your behavior but your thoughts about yourself and make some positive changes.

Here are a few ways to make some of those changes:

First chose one habit you want to change. Maybe one healthier food choice per day, one less glass of wine per week or one more walk each week just get to work on doing it.

Everyday is a new one so be present and work on accomplishing that goal! Don’t give weight to that negative voice.

Have faith that you will accomplish that goal and be patient with yourself. Acknowledge those small changes and new behaviors you are creating.

Celebrate your accomplishments each time you meet your goal but, not with the old habits!

Over time these small accomplishments become habits and those new habits replace the old ones. This translates into feeling good about who you are and what you have done to become healthier physically and emotionally.

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